About Us

WS Hairstyling is one of New York City's top full-service beauty salons. Located in the heart of Washington Square, this place is home to hundreds of NYU students and others where they frequently use our services, full of fantastic creations in hairstyling homeland with the latest technology and insight. WS Hairstyling offers a variety of services of hair styling.

We believe in the highest quality of service and pride ourselves in customizing each treatment for our clients. WS Hairstyling Salon is committed to making people feel good about themselves in warm relaxing atmosphere.

Our Prices


Partial Highlights

$90 and up

Full Head Highlights

$180 and up

Ombre (partial)

$90 and up

NYU students full Highlights)


Ombrè (full)

$200 and up

Color Single Process

Duble Process Color

$150 and up

NYU students double process


NYU students Roots/touch up


NYU students Single process color


Roots/touch up

$70 and up

Single Process Color

$80 and up



$45 and up

NYU students Blowout



Men's clean up


Men's cut


Moroccan oil Deep conditioning


NYU Students Men's cut


NYU students Women's cut


NYU students women's cut/blow


Women's Cut


Women's Cut/Blowout

$80 and up



$150 and up


$125 and up




Staff Members


Professional Hairstylist

Karina Tunieva is working for Washington Square Hairstyling salon as a hair stylist who has been experienced for over seven years...


Professional Hairstylist

Ami moved to New York in 2001 to follow his dreams of being a stylist in the city. Trained in Israel, he gained a following in the East Village, where he cut for men and women in both a salon setting and in their homes...


Professional Hairstylist

After more than 15 years as a stylist, Kevin likes to say he's come full circle, returning to the same block where he honed his skills just a few doors south of WS salon...


Job Title

Information about the stylist.